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Solar Deflection Material

Our solar deflection roofing not only converts the light absorbed into energy, but also keeps a building completely protected from harmful UV light as well as prevent any heat resulting in an extremely cooling and comforting experience.

We did what no other construction manufacturer has done before, and that is embrace smart technology in creating safety gear. Needless to say, we succeeded.
Eleanor Swiss
Head of Technology

Smart Tech

Clay-infused Hard Hat

Our ingenious clay-infused technology has resulted in a hat that is extremely light, yet ridiculously durable that is capable of absorbing shock and weights of up to 500kg. 

"Working has never felt safer when wearing this hat. I don't need to worry about falling rubble or debris anymore."
Peter Sagerton

Smart Tech

Elastech Safety Belt

Gone are the days where you need to wear heavy harnesses while building tall projects as our elastech safety belt is packed with 2980 elasticity that is enough to carry 10 people alone!

"I was doubtful at first, but I realised how amazing the belt was after accidentally walking off a platform without even realising. The belt made me feel like I was flying in the air."
Edwardo Stone

Smart Tech

Carbon Fiber Safety Glasses

Our glasses adapts to the level of light in your surroundings, with carbon-infused microlayers that will automatically reflect any incoming dust and debris from machines or construction sites. 

"I often rub my eyes out of discomfort while working on a project, but no longer as these glasses have truly made everything easier"
Alissa Michaels

Smart Tech

Power Gloves

Installed with smart adaptive microfibers, these gloves provide you extra grip strength all with incredible comfort to lift any weight with ease and precision. 

"I felt like Superman."
Richard Dinerton

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